What's it all about?


Are you a trustee, or a pension scheme manager of a large scheme? This event is especially tailored to you - you'll learn how to look at investment with new eyes, and how to boost member engagement. The best bit? It's all based on behavioural science. Thanks to our sponsors, it's free to you - and there is no selling from the stage, it's all education AND application.

What makes this event unique? 

✔  It's all training, no product push

✔  Filled with practical advice and examples you can use straight away

✔  No fluff: everything you'll hear is backed by science.

The training day will run from 10am to 4pm, with a pre-training breakfast, a delicious lunch, and post-event networking drinks from 4pm so that you can relax and discuss what you've learned during the day, and the ways in which you can apply all your new knowledge.

What happens on the day? 

✔  You'll learn how to be better in the boardroom, and outside it.

✔  You'll participate in an interactive day, learn how to make better decisions, with practical group exercises to embed the knowledge. 

✔  Everything is tailored specifically to pensions.

✔  Full of insights into how to beat your brain at its own game and how to boost you investing wisdom using behavioural techniques

✔  Learn the secrets of smashing the status quo for better decisions.

Where do I sign up? 

It's an invite-only event, with the content designed for Chairman of Trustees, Pension Scheme Managers and IGC members. We want you to carry the message forward into your own schemes, and make a positive impact using what you'll learn on the day. 

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